Know What To Do After Your Hive Swarms!

In this class we'll cover:

  • What does the swarm process & timeline look like
  • How to tell where your bees are on that timeline
  • When to inspect & when not to inspect
  • How long it will take for your bees to make a new queen
  • Inspecting any of your swarms you caught
  • The benefits of swarming to your hive
  • Bonus Material: How to catch a swarm

This class is aimed at Urban Backyard Beekeepers

in the San Francisco Bay Area climate.

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Instructor: Jennifer Radtke

Jennifer has been keeping bees for 16 years, and has developed the beekeeping education program at the BioFuel Oasis worker-owned cooperative in Berkeley. The photo at top is a swarm she caught in 2015.