Dive into Honey Bee Biology!

Many people get into beekeeping because of a fascination with bees. Bees have intricate communication systems, respond quickly to changes in the environment, and even are mathematicians that understand the concept of zero!

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • bee anatomy & bee nest ecology
  • how they evaluate and decide between different food sources
  • worker bee sequence of jobs
  • the pollen economy in the hive
  • how the hive responds to changes in the environment
  • pheromones and other communication in the hive

We will relate the information to practical application for San Francisco Bay Area urban beekeeping.

Self-Study Course includes 6 hours of Lecture, Slides, and Additional Reading List

  Foragers, Foraging, & Pollen
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  Communication of the Hive
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  Broodnest Ecology, Genetics, Robbing, & More!
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  List of Additional Reading & Source Material
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Jennifer Radtke

I love bees! My bees are my best friends. I bring deep care and respect towards the bees when inspecting. I am constantly fascinated by bees and am continuously learning new things from them.

Jennifer Radtke has been keeping bees in her backyard for 16+ years, and has developed the beekeeping education program at the BioFuel Oasis Cooperative in Berkeley, California.

Her classes are aimed at urban backyard beekeepers in the San Francisco Bay Area.